Senior Health

General interest Eat Nuts for general health and well being: 10 grams of nuts about 9 almonds, 12 peanuts or six cashews have been to show massive health benefits. Dutch researchers found that 120,000 adults that ate a handful of nuts daily cut their risk of death by cancer, diabetes and heart disease.   Heart… [Continue Reading]

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Lifestyle for Seniors

Meditation for Mental Health Incorporating meditation into your daily life  does not have to be a silent hour in a quiet place. Scientists  have found that as little as 3 – 5 minutes of mantra chanting promotes mental and physical health benefits. Also online apps are useful which might suit you more, such as “Smiling minds”… [Continue Reading]

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PEACE  FROM CANNYSENIORS A happy and healthy 2016 coming your way – as they say “Forever Young” Tips for Dog Owners Preventing Dog attacks in the Community Keep your dog confined to your property. Ensure your yard has a closed gate, escape proof fencing and that visitors have safe access to the front yard. Looking after… [Continue Reading]

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