About Canny Seniors

I would like to introduce you to Bee.  Bee is of the baby boomer generation, heading onto retirement.  Bee is the writer and inspiration behind this site – and my Aunty.

Canny seniors all started over a quiet drink at a family gathering.  It was at the end of the night and we got talking about business, life in general – basically solving the problems of the world one at a time!

Bee came to me and wanted to help me out with my business.  She wanted something to “keep the brain ticking over” but also felt like she still had so much to give in a professional sense.  I was overjoyed and impressed by her initiative and the word “Yes” couldn’t come out of my mouth quickly enough.  My belief is that people like Bee are a real asset – oodles of sound business acumen and life experience.  So the original thought was that she was to come work with me on another part of the business.  That was the end of the night.

I thought about it over night and through breakfast and whilst Bee would have been great in that other sector of the business, I couldn’t get rid of that itch that there was more to this conversation.  So I asked Bee “What do you want to do?”  Then came the sweep of the breakfast dishes off the table, butchers paper put down – and an outpouring of great ideas that Bee wanted to talk/write about.  All were related to how to improve the comfort and lives of the Boomer generation.

We found it hard to contain our excitement at the potential this idea had – and the more that we thought about it, the more it made sense.

And Canny Seniors was born.  A partnership between Bee and myself.  Bee provides all of the content for the site – it is written by a canny senior, for canny seniors (this is the only page that is not!).  I provide the website structure and “nuts and bolts”.  We work well together and are having a great time in bringing this to you.  In the process finding so much more out about each other.

I am proud of Bee.

Enjoy the site and if you have any suggestions, questions or just want to say hi – then please feel free to contact us.


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  1. Dear Bee and Jon,

    Walking our dogs at the local park Bee and I began talking. Bee mentioned your “Canny Seniors”

    website and now I am most interested to find out more about it. Sounds very positive and

    enlightening for baby boomers like me.

    Best Wishes from Rhyll Rivett (Monty P’s mother).

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