Gardening – Blue Pacific

Ceanothus: Blue Pacific Hardy plant ideal for dry conditions.     Common Names Californian Lilac Botanic … [Read more...]

Gardening – Chain of hearts

Ideal plant for indoors or on a verandah. I had one underneath the pergola in filtered light and it did very well.                  In a hanging basket they look very attractive with the vines … [Read more...]

Gardening – Gerberas

 Gerbera Jamesonii Gerbera Gerbera is a genus of plants in the Asteracae (daisy family). This delightful flower is a native of tropical regions of South America, Africa and Asia. A favourite cut … [Read more...]

Butcher Bird

Our native Australian birds like to visit our suburban backyard and bring us joy, their songs, and their chicks. The butcher bird can be quite aggressive with smaller birds when food is around and … [Read more...]

Gardening – Rose from cutting

This beautiful rose was grown from a cutting by my Thai green thumb friend who should have an acreage as she can grow anything. This rose "Mr Lincoln" was cut from the main plant at an angle, … [Read more...]

Gardening – Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria In the language of flowers the Alstroemerias signify friendship and devotion. As my dear friend gave me this delightful plant it does signify our friendship. Compact hardy plant, … [Read more...]

Gardening – Native Grasses

Native Grasses   Natural Grasses are excellent for our small bird population and are perfect for Australian arid areas and for our suburban native gardens. This particular species can provide … [Read more...]

Gardening – Arbours, Pergolas

A beautiful arbour (arbor)  leading into the front of the craft house at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne. They can be a superb addition to the garden, displaying climbing  roses or other … [Read more...]

Astolat an example of Italianate Victorian architecture

Astolat - Riversdale Road Camberwell Statement of Significance Astolat, the residence was erected c.1884-8 and the garden developed in subsequent years. A small portion of the rear garden was … [Read more...]

Gardening – Protecting your Spring Roses (Yates)

We all enjoy the fresh new buds on roses, with the promise of gorgeous scented blooms to follow. Unfortunately aphids and caterpillars love rose buds and new shoots too. Control bud worm … [Read more...]