Thunderstorm Asthma Alert, Victoria

For all our asthma sufferers be aware of these precautions:   Spring marks the start of thunderstorm asthma season and doctors at The Alfred are … [Read more...]

Asthma advice

  Due to 8 deaths from asthma attacks last week in Melbourne during the thunderstorms we provide the following website from the chief-health- officer Here is timely advice during … [Read more...]

Oncology Rehabilitation Group Program, St Vincent’s Hospital

Information for cancer survivors and carers. What is oncology rehabilitation? Cancer treatment can take a toll on you and your family, friends and carers and can affect your body, mind an … [Read more...]

Keep your bones healthy

We need to ensure we are eating enough dairy or dairy alternatives, to provide calcium which is the building block for health. More than half of all Australians do not consume enough each day. When … [Read more...]

Gentle Stretching for Chronic Pain

Attending the back clinic to manage pain we learnt that stretches are very beneficial: Improve joint and muscle flexibility Improve circulation to joints and muscles Improve joint … [Read more...]

Mobile CT unit, Stroke hope

Each week 1000 Australians suffer a stroke and obtaining treatment as soon as possible is crucial as millions of brain cells die every minute after a stroke. A Mobile CT unit would enable sufferers … [Read more...]

Sharpen up that wonderful brain of yours

A brisk half hour walk per day will release enough growth hormones that improve memory and brain function.   Group exercerise/dancing is beneficial both for the mind and body. Learning … [Read more...]

Oral Health, Dental Hospital, Melbourne

We are very lucky in Melbourne as we have the wonderful Dental Hospital in Swanston Street, Melbourne. One thing I have noticed is the caring attitude to disability patients and the excellent dental … [Read more...]

Is it a cold or is it the flu

Wake up feeling sick, achy, sore throat, headache, this info might be handy. Let me stay in bed with my blanky. Below is a quick guide which highlights the differences between colds and the … [Read more...]

Eye Health – Retinal Detachment

As I have a history of retinal detachments and blindness in my family I am mindful of this condition. I had a wonderful ophthalmologist who operated on both eyes for detached retinas. Many years … [Read more...]