Story Dogs

Education is not the filling of a bucket but the lighting of a fire - William Butler Yeats Story Dogs is the spark to light the fire. Story Dogs is a reading support program where selected … [Read more...]

Feline Immunodeficiency virus

What is FIV What is it? Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (also known as Feline Aids) attacks a cat’s T-cells. These cells are important in helping the body fight off disease. Once the T-cells start to … [Read more...]

Keeping our pets safe and healthy during the warmer months

Chemicals and pesticides When using pesticides keep your pets away from them. If you suspect your pet to be poisoned off to the vet pronto. Chemicals and pesticides can be dangerous and even fatal … [Read more...]

Cushing’s disease in dogs

My dear little dog had to be euthanised due to mammary cancer returning and Cushing's disease which caused her to lose half her body weight, brain disturbances, headaches, thinning hair on the … [Read more...]

Hints for keeping your pet happy and healthy this festive season

Not even a little pudding or chocolate Many human foods are toxic to pets, so its best to stick with pet-specific treats if you want to spoil your pet on Christmas Day. Oh Christmas tree … [Read more...]

Victorian Dog Rescue

To help this non profit charity I have bought my Christmas cards from Victorian Dog Rescue. All  dogs featured have been successfully rehomed. This organisation has a no kill policy and an army of … [Read more...]

How to break up a dog fight

As my dog is a nervy type my vet advised me that she should be on a lead in the dog park, as she is prone to snarl and go much bigger. aggressive dogs. This could result in a serious injury to her and … [Read more...]

Pets – Asthma in Cats

If you have asthma yourself you can empathise with your pet cat when it is coughing. Coughing in cats can be due to a number of diseases. Both lung disease and heart disease can cause breathing … [Read more...]

Pets – A cool reminder

As the weather heats up, just a reminder to keep your pets cool and healthy this summer. We know how hot our cars can get just after a few minutes and we should never leave our animals … [Read more...]

Pets – What breed?

When choosing a dog you need to consider your life style, physical capabilities, budget and your family situation. Having a working dog cooped up in a small courtyard is not ideal. The dog will get … [Read more...]