Books – Slow Cooker Central

 Slow Cooker Central Super Savers 200 budget-friendly recipes for all occasions by Paulene Christie RRP  $24.99         $19.99 Synopsis Slow Cooker fans have spoken they want recipes … [Read more...]

Food – Pizza

Enjoy I do not think so! Ironic, the box does not match the burnt pizza. Pizza Origins The word "pizza" is thought to have come from the Latin word pinsa, meaning flatbread (although there is much … [Read more...]

Food – Quindim dessert from Brazil

Essential Brazilian dish to try   Quindim Another favourite from Bahia, quindim is a glossy yellow sweet made with nothing more than eggs, sugar and coconut (with butter a common … [Read more...]

Cooking facts – Baklava

"One of my favourite sweet things is Baklava, sticky, sweet, crunchy, satisfying, just plain delicious with a good strong coffee. There are many arguments over the origin of this tasty sweet treat but … [Read more...]

Cooking – Quinoa Tabouli Salad

Quinoa Grain Quinoa, a species of goosefoot, is a grain crop grown primarily for its edible seeds. It is a pseudo cereal rather than a true cereal, as it is not a member of the true grass family - … [Read more...]