Favourite song at the moment

I can't get this song out of my head. The energy Si Cranstoun displays is uplifting and the way he moves to the rhythm of the music  is just joyous. Plus the band is amazing, especially love the … [Read more...]

Victorian Dog Rescue

To help this non profit charity I have bought my Christmas cards from Victorian Dog Rescue. All  dogs featured have been successfully rehomed. This organisation has a no kill policy and an army of … [Read more...]

Hallelujah – Pentatonix

No instruments needed all sounds created by their actual voices. This song was also made famous by the late Leonard Cohen https://youtu.be/LRP8d7hhpoQ … [Read more...]

Australian Wattle Brooch presented to Queen Elizabeth II

What a beautiful brooch given to Queen Elizabeth II from the people of Australia. Delightfully it is one of her Majesty's favourite brooches and worn on numerous occasions. It looks quite … [Read more...]

The First Wives Club 1996

In this comedy-drama, a former classmate's suicide reunites three middle-aged college friends from the class of '69. These classmates have something in common -- their husbands all left them for … [Read more...]

American Crossword Who’s Who – M

Crossword constructors, editors, bloggers and other involved in the world of puzzles: names beginning with M Source: American Crossword Who's Who - M … [Read more...]

R.I.P. Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)

Vale Muhammad Ali died today aged 74, a great personality and inspirational   https://youtu.be/BtIF0OqRnOE … [Read more...]

Melbourne Theatre Company MTC 2016

Let's go to the theatre!     https://youtu.be/HmQAWT80dPo … [Read more...]

Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome, Tasmania

Recently in the news it has been reported that Tasmanian oyster leases are under threat particularly the very young ones. Tasmanian oyster industry is in lock down for fears of the virus spreading to … [Read more...]

Butcher Bird

Our native Australian birds like to visit our suburban backyard and bring us joy, their songs, and their chicks. The butcher bird can be quite aggressive with smaller birds when food is around and … [Read more...]