Gardening – Chain of hearts

Ideal plant for indoors or on a verandah. I had one underneath the pergola in filtered light and it did very well.                  In a hanging basket they look very attractive with the vines trailing down with heart shape leaves. When flowering the colours are very delicate with tones of off white, pale magenta and deeper purple.

Only water when dry and this plant needs good drainage. If this plant has sufficient light the leaves are a dark green, otherwise in insufficient light, a pale green.

This plant is more suited to tropical or sub tropical areas with a minimum of 15 degrees C if situated out doors.

Permission detailsceropegia_woodii_ib

Ivan I. Boldyrev put it under CC-BY-SA-2.5

Once established it is quite a hardy plant.

Ceropegia woodii is a flowering plant in the genus Ceropegia (Apocynaceae), native to South Africa, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe. It is sometimes treated as a subspecies of the related Ceropegia linearis, as C. linearis subsp. woodii. Common names include chain of hearts, collar of hearts, string of hearts, rosary vine, hearts-on-a-string and sweetheart vine




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