Gardening – Protecting your Spring Roses (Yates)


We all enjoy the fresh new buds on roses, with the promise of gorgeous scented blooms to follow. Unfortunately aphids and caterpillars love rose buds and new shoots too.

Control bud worm caterpillars on roses using Yates Rose Gun Advanced which will also control sap sucking insects such as aphids. Ensure good coverage, both over and under the leaves.

Water roses regularly and deeply as soft new growth occurs in conjunction with the arrival of seasonal drying winds. Replenish mulch under roses using a 50mm layer of lucerne or pea straw to help suppress weeds and retain soil moisture.

In humid areas begin control sprays for black spot as new leaves reach full size. Yates Rose Gun Advanced contains a systemic fungicide to control common rose diseases such as black spot and powdery mildew, in addition to dual action insecticides for insect pest control.

Try to water roses at the base, instead of over the foliage, and water in the morning, rather than the evening which allows the foliage to dry out during the day, helping to reduce fungal problems.


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