Gardening – Alstroemeria


In the language of flowers the Alstroemerias signify friendship and devotion.

As my dear friend gave me this delightful plant it does signify our friendship.

Compact hardy plant, long flowering with pink and white blooms with a speckled centre, needs liquid fertiliser at regular intervals during  Spring and winter or a slow release fertiliser. Needs to be well watered but once established can be quite drought tolerant.

Flowers from Spring through to Autumn. The flowers can be used as cut flowers making an attractive floral arrangement. Once flowering has finished the plant will need to be cut back quite hard. This particular species can be used as a container plant or a feature plant in the garden. Able to tolerate full sun or part shade and grows to a height of 30 – 35 cm. This plant is from the Nature’s Décor range

One of my favourites.

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