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 A Handy food chart for our dogs, Yes, Yes But…., NOFood chart dogs

CPR in Dogs

This information is from Pets America which I found easy to follow and understand. If your dog is not breathing or has no pulse this is recommended

Cats: Latest Tip

My friend was telling me her cat bothers her constantly when she has mince or is cutting up chicken so to deal with the constant meowing she rubs a bit of chicken on the cat’s paws or a piece of meat. If the cat is lucky it receives a tit bit and happily goes away and licks its paws endlessly.

Indicators of a happy and healthy dog

  • Demeanour: alert, vital, and quickly responsive to sounds and calls.
  • Movement: good stamina in youth (deteriorating with age); no lameness.
  • Appetite: enthusiastic for food; eating fast; no vomiting.
  • Coat: clean, glossy, and free from parasites and dirt.
  • Ears: alert to slightest sound; no discharge or irritation.
  • Eyes: clear with no discharge or inflammation.
  • Nose: cold and damp when outdoors, dry and warm when indoors; no persistent discharge.

reference: RSPCA website

Dogs – Inspecting their Ears

Regular inspection of your dog’s ears is important for your dog’s care. Once a week try to notice any changes in the appearance of your dog’s ears. Discharge and skin discolouration should be watched and a vet’s advice might be needed. With dog ear infections a disagreeable odour might be noticed which could be caused by a bacterial infection. Grass seeds can cause discomfort and problems for long eared dogs. Mites can be another problem. In all cases a checkup with your local vet will be good for the dog and ease the pet owner’s concern

Preventative health measures for our pets

Body condition

  • dogs should have a waist and be at their ideal weight
  • Cats’ tummy flap should be just skin
  • Rabbits’ dewlap should be just a fold
  • All pets need activity
  • Birds need to fly around the house for 1 hour day
  • Pets should have their own diet not human, look for products that state complete food
  • Keep parasites under control
  • Do not give food that is toxic to the species  eg chocolate to a dog

extracts from ABC pet show with Dr Sonia Herbert every fortnight

Cats – keep confined or not

In the press the article about confining cats has caused some discussion  and also mentioned on the ABC pet show.

Feral cats usually were domesticated in the first place so it is our fault if a cat turns feral after being dumped and the poor thing has to resort to any method it can to find food. Also feral cats are loners. Feral cats have also been the cause of endangering small wild life. Here are some of the reasons to confine your domestic cat:

  • prevent abscesses caused from cats fighting
  • prevent our dear cats contracting feline aids which is prevalent with feral cats
  • keep them from car accidents
  • their own safety
  • protect our native birds

It was suggested confinement was a solution preferably using an aviary structure so the cat can access inside and out with climbing things and a dirt track. It was also mentioned that netting can be put over a small area such as a courtyard. Portable cat runs can range in price from 1,500 – 3,500 which can be cheaper than vets fees if you cat is seriously injured and has abscesses. One gent put possum strips on the fences surrounding the courtyard and his cat no longer tries to leave the backyard. In Europe cats are kept indoors in apartments and thrive. They are happy to sit at the window watching the world go by. “In our family cats always wore a bell to warn the birds and were kept in at night. Our mother was a real cat lover and their welfare was just as important as the kids! ” domesticated cat 


Q: Should I give my cat


A: No

A high percentage of cats

are lactose intolerant.

Once weaned they only

require fresh water daily.

Leaving cold and flu medications for the pets to ingest inadvertently

On the ABC pet program this morning they were talking about the dangers of leaving Paracetamol or cold and flue tablets around for your pet to eat. Cats are a bit smarter but as we know our dogs will usually gulp down anything that falls on the floor. One Paracetamol tablet can kill your cat. The vet will need to know the dose that your pet has ingested as a toxic dose can affect the organs. If this happened and acted on upon quickly the vet can give the pet charcoal and induce vomiting. If more serious the animal will need to be anaesthetised and put on a drip for hydration and further treatment administered. The pets  progress will be monitored and  gauged for progress. As one of the listeners commented “Show me a dog who can open a medicine cabinet”. Well Said With the cold weather kennel cough and pet arthritis is increasing visits to the vet. As we say “I am barking like a dog!”

Does your Dog keep biting and chewing the one spot until it bleeds!

A piece of advice we had from a country, dog breeder and groomer is to sprinkle pepper on the wound and the dog will stop chewing so it will heal of its own accord. She uses pepper on her horses as well. Pepper has a healing and antiseptic agent and the best thing of all the dog stops chewing! With a particular Maltese terrier it worked! Maltese terriers One little Maltese terrier keeps licking it’s toes and there could be several reasons for this”

  • Has yeast infection, or skin allergy
  • Can be seasonal
  • contact products can cause itching
  • grasses can cause itching
  • can be just behavioral


Aches and Pains

A common occurrence with our dogs and cats is osteoarthritis and more so when our furry friends get older. Also in our younger animals if they have had a joint or ligament injury. As Arthritis develops slowly and causing pain and discomfort. Watch for these signs with your pets.

  • Reduced activity level
  • Difficulty getting up from lying down
  • Difficulty getting up and down stairs
  • Reluctance to jump onto the couch or bed

As seniors we know all about limited activity due to arthritis. Not sure about jumping up on the couch or bed. (Maybe in the younger days!). As it becomes colder we may see these signs worsening so keeping control of their weight is important. Glucosamine or chondroitin  have become popular and people say they help their pets. Medications can assist as prescribed by your vet but some animals are not able to tolerate this regime. If we feel the cold so do our furry friends!

extracts from Paws for thought newsletter

Ageing pets

Did you know that our pets age 7 times faster then we do! When your pet has their annual injections and checkup your Vet is your best source of information and advice on how to best manage your ageing pets health. A blood test to check for common signs and body function might be advisable in our older pets. Also arthritis, sight and skin check would be recommended.

Power Dog Walks with Intervals

Take your dog for a walk on a leash. Throughout the walk, mix in some intervals of jogging, running or high stepping to help increase your heart rate and burn calories for both you and your dog.

 = –

 Great cardio work out for you and your dog, jump, run, leap and skip with your dog during your walk

Penguin Foundation

 Knit to Win with Spotlight, AAT Kings and Phillip Island Nature Parks

Spotlight, AAT Kings and Phillip Island Nature Park’s ‘Knit to Win’ little penguin jumper competition was created to raise awareness of penguin conservation and encourage Australians to support our little penguins. As most of you know, little penguin jumpers play an important role in saving little penguins affected by oil pollution, preventing them from preening and swallowing toxic oil. Entrants were asked to knit a creative and unique little penguin jumper and we received some fantastic entries! Congratulations to first prize winner, Chantal Cordey, and runners up Denise Franklin, Sue Arnold, Sylvia van der Peet, Lanie Wilkins and Monica Novak. See each penguin jumper in detail on our facebook page here.


Penguin Facts 

General penguin facts  What type of animal are penguins? Penguins are seabirds that don’t fly. They have a beak, feathers and lay eggs. Penguins have modified wings called flippers that they use for swimming in the ocean. How many species of penguins are there? Around the world there are 17 species of penguins. All penguins are found in the southern hemisphere (Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica, sub-Antarctic islands, South America and Africa). “Little penguins are only found in southern Australia and New Zealand.” Why do penguins waddle? Waddling is the most efficient form of movement for penguins. Little legs and big feet make movement awkward on land but waddling helps by raising a penguin’s centre of mass, allowing the penguin to swing its body forward. How big are little penguins? Little penguins are the smallest penguin in the world at only 33cm (13in) tall and one kilogram (2.2 lbs).

Where can I find a little penguin? Little penguins are only found in southern Australia and New Zealand. In Australia little penguin colonies are scattered around the coastline from near Perth on the west coast, to Sydney on the east coast, and around Tasmania. Phillip Island has only one remaining little penguin colony, part of which can be seen at the Penguin Parade which offers up-close views of little penguins

How many little penguins are there? Phillip Island is home to an estimated 32,000 little penguins. Current estimates put the total little penguin population at one million. How do you tell the difference between male and female little penguins? It’s all in the beak! Adult females have a thinner beak than males. Males have a distinct hook on the end of their beak.

 Extracted from



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