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Question About the Zika virus

The World Health Organization has declared the recent outbreak of the zika virus in Brazil, South America an international public health emergency after a committee meeting Monday. The virus, long thought to be a fairly innocuous infection, has recently been linked to a rise in babies born with microcephaly, a deformity that prevents the brain from fully developing.

It is advisable that pregnant women not travel to some African countries, pacific islands and South America. Check

Latest advice, 25 Jan 2016

Brazil is experiencing ongoing transmission of the mosquito-borne Zika virus. All travellers should protect themselves from mosquito bites. Given possible transmission of the disease to unborn babies, and taking a very cautious approach, pregnant women should consider postponing travel to Brazil or talk to their doctor about implications (see Health). The level of this advice has not changed. We continue to advise Australians to exercise a high degree of caution in Brazil.


Travel Injections

Two things to consider when travelling regarding vaccination requirements is not only the potential health problems but also problems with immigration which can spoil your holiday and also put you personally in jeopardy.

Visit your travel doctor well before departure date as some injections need time to take effect and in some cases more than one injection is required. Also booster injections are needed for childhood vaccines such as measles or polio. It is crucial to ask your doctor to review all vaccinations past and present to make sure your body is protected.

The yellow International Certificate of Vaccination booklet is not only a good way to remember what and when you have had your injections but it could also mean getting across a country’s border. If you have travelled to a country that has yellow fever you will need to show proof of vaccination or a certified waiver before they let you in. You need to check with your travel agent, The Travel Doctor TMVC’s for each destinations rules on immunization. If you have not met the countries requirements you may be given the choice to have the injection there and then or leave.

Do your research first with the International Travel and Health section of the World Health Organisation’s website ( which has valuable information on vaccines, diseases and other travel risks.

 Currency issues when visiting the British Isles

A few Travellers have mentioned they experienced difficulties when trying to use their Scottish and Northern Irish notes in England and Wales as traders do not have to accept them. The British Parliament has declared them to be valid and of the same value as Bank of England notes. To overcome this problem it has been suggested,  to visit a bank or post office who must exchange them for their face value. A pitfall for tourists who want to spend their money.

Tips for air travel with babies and young children

As babies ears are more sensitive to changes in altitude here are some tips provided by a mum and a GP

  • Put cotton wool in the child’s ears during the flight. It works beautifully to pacify a crying baby.
  • Eucalyptus oil on a hanky for a little one to sniff or a jar of Vicks Vaporub to sniff has the same effect. Very handy during the plane’s descent.
  • If you are breastfeeding a mother near us fed her baby and the little one slept all through the flight.

Sorry to say it but as a child I remember the hosties handing our barley sugar to suck before we were descending. The cost cutting and number crunchers stopped that!



Need a visa while travelling overseas – not sure! Then check out Visa Link – also check with the relevant consulate and embassy. If you have a reliable and competent travel agent they could do this for you. But if you are booking your own overseas travel online then cover all bases, update passport, visas if required, foreign currency or travelers cheques, injections and health advice if required while visiting third world countries. Make sure you have enough medication to last while away and have a letter from your doctor listing what medications are required.

 Revised Indian Visa Requirements for Australian Travellers

As reported in the Age Visa requirements for Australian Travellers wishing to travel to India has changed. What do these changes mean to us if we want to travel to India?

A new system will come into effect during December and you will no longer be able to apply for a visa online. You now need to visit the offices of VFS  in person. These offices are in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth. People living in rural areas will have to visit their nearest major city. People living in Tasmania will have to visit Melbourne. If that is not bad enough Darwin people will have to travel to Perth. Oh dear all a bit too hard with the vast distances that people have to travel in our wonderful country!

visit VFS Global website for further information Taj Mahal A popular, iconic tourist destination in India.


Don’t forget to register with when visiting overseas countries. This is a valuable website and will  inform you of trouble spots that are dangerous to visit. If visiting trouble spots register so that DFAT can notify your family if you are unable to get home or held up.


Latest trouble spot is Thailand with the military now in power. Phuket has their own airport so if tourists obey the officials at hand and do not join crowd demonstrations they should enjoy their holiday and relax! Please note there is a curfew in place in the evening at 10pm. Most of all register with and have travel/medical insurance.

Another trouble spot is West Africa  – Ebola virus

This is the most serious outbreak of Ebola virus disease – EVD in recorded history. It began in Guinea in March 2014 and has since travelled to Sierra Leone, Liberia and most recently Nigeria claiming over 900 lives.

The Ebola virus causes EVD in humans, with a fatality rate of up to 90%. The symptoms of EVD are severe and can include high fever, muscle pain and weakness, headache and sore throat, followed by vomiting, diarrhoea and internal and external bleeding. There is no known vaccine or cure for Ebola. The virus can be transmitted to humans from wild animals or between humans through bodily fluids, including blood, faeces and sweat. Transmission can also occur through direct contact with the body of a deceased Ebola patient.

Please think carefully before you visit this part of the world. Check with the World Health Organisation for the most current information and the full facts of this health disaster.

Risk of Hep C from a holiday Pedicure – visit

It has been reported in the news that travelers are at risk of infection when having tattoos, bellybutton rings, piercing or a pedicure carried out in non sterile environments especially in third world countries. High risk associated in the Asia-Pacific region where many Australian tourists love to visit. While there is a vaccine for Hepatitis B (HBV) there is non for  Hepatitis C (HCV) which is a silent killer and may take many years before symptoms appear resulting in severe life threatening liver damage. Check out the WHO website for further information.

WHO | Hepatitis C



We love cruising and it is the way to go when you are a senior. Just to wind down, no cooking, shopping, coping with family problems, unpack your bag and just enjoy.

We have sailed on The Royal Caribbean line and we just adored the Rhapsody of the Sea sailing to the South Pacific. We spent New Years eve on board and it was a blast. We had so much fun. The entertainment crew should be complimented as it was all just wonderful. Keep a look out for great deals offered:

Legend of the Seas with join the fleet based in Brisbane for the summer season and is similar to the Rhapsody of the Sea which will be leaving Australia. Many Aussie cruisers will be sad to farewell this wonderful ship and crew.

Explorer of the Seas is the sister ship to the Voyager and will also be part of the four cruise ships servicing Australia. More wonderful cruise experiences comi


Voyage of the seas The Voyager of the Seas returning to Australia after a refit. Oh dear we will have to go on another cruise to see the new fit out!

check it out:

New Zealand

If you have never been on a cruise before, now is the time to book – Just wonderful and so relaxing and full of fun. No meals to cook, unpack once, wonderful on board entertainment, delicious food, exciting on shore tours and sites to see. We went on the Voyager of the Seas to New Zealand – both north and south island and just adored everything. The beautiful art deco gem Napier was a delight and the historical society met the ship when we docked,  dressed in period costume and driving vintage cars. It set the scene straight away.

Ship Radiance of Seas      Pool Radiance of the Seas     Radiance of the Seas - Centrum Radiance of the Seas departs Sydney 12th Feb to Bay of Islands, Auckland and many other places for 14 days both North and South Island, can’t wait.


We will going back to see the Bay of Islands and Picton (Marlborough wine region). As they say in Kiwi land “Kiora”

P1010607 Adult pool on the Radiance – even the elephants love it!


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